Vermont Hiking

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PMC 3 Paste on Handmade Porcelain Earrings







I made a collection of porcelain beads to test different mediums on them. One of my experiments was to see how Precious Metal Clay, PMC 3 Paste would connect with porcelain. The porcelain beads were first fired to 2,232 F. After that, I put PMC 3 Silver Paste on them and fired them again up to 1,450 F. The results were great! I used Liver Of Sulfur to get lighter or darker patina on a few of them. The rest of the earrings were just gently dry brushed.  These results open up many possibilities for the future, not just for jewelry, but for ceramics and more.

Handmade Porcelain/Silver Earrings


My new summer designs. I formed these earrings from porcelain, fired to cone 6, painted with porcelain paints. The ear-wires I made from argentium silver that was oxidized.

Winter Walk

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Crochet Silver Jewelry


These are one of the last pieces I’ve made from silver. I crocheted the circle design first, made a mold and pressed silver clay into it. I added Cubic Zirconia to the center of the ring. The other material I used is Argentium Sterling Silver.

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GEMS. The Small Picture Exhibition at the Bryan Gallery, Jeffersonville, Vermont . Reception Friday 6-8pm, November 7, 2014

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Memories of Summer







Each piece of jewelry that I create is a one of a kind. My designs come to me intuitively, inspired by the world I see around me.

Once the idea sparks I get to work. Strips of plastic are cut, heated, and sculptured by hand. Homemade molds are used to create patterns, textures, and shapes. Many different methods are used for the large variety of pieces I develop. A spontaneous idea can bring about an imaginative and new approach. Plastic is light and easy to manipulate, so I love to experiment with bold shapes and sizes.

When the final touches are done I have made a piece of jewelry that I would love to wear, and have enjoyed making. A unique, handmade jewelry set or item which brings out the individual in whoever is wearing them.


Saturday March 22, 2014, 9:30 am – 4:00 pm


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This year I’d like to experiment more in different mediums. Monotyping is one of them. Below are my first attempts of it. I hope to have more fun with it this year!

Immersing into the class without any knowledge of the technique adds a lot of excitement and then, of course missteps… I think I’ll work more on these pieces later, by either drawing or painting on top… When it comes, I’ll know.

The black and white work was done first and after that I definitely needed colors! I wanted to capture a winter theme, some kind of white landscape, before next season will provide inspirations for new, warm and sunny works.
Surprisingly, spring always comes, even here, in Vermont! How lucky we are!







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Here are some new paintings to warm your winter days.

Windows 7

Windows 7, acrylic on canvas

Windows 8

Windows 8, acrylic on canvas

Windows 9

Windows 9, acrylic on canvas

Windows 10

Windows 10, acrylic on canvas

Windows 11

Windows 11, acrylic on canvas

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They are everywhere here! So beautiful, colorful and free!
This is only one of so many subjects you get inspired by while living in Vermont.
God, I love this place!

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Angel 10

Angels are a new project I started this year. This is one of four pieces I made recently. All of them are framed and matted. Painting size is 5″x7″. Dimension with frame is about 11.5″ x 13.5″. Medium: Acrylic on paper.


Old Town

acrylic on canvas. triptych. 36″x12″

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acrylic on canvas, triptych. 36″x12″

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Out of The Blue

acrylic on canvas, triptych. 36″x12″

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I Do

I Do

encaustic on plywood, 48″x24″

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oil on canvas, 40″x30″

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Panta Rei

acrylic on canvas, triptych, 36″x12″

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In Between

Encaustic on canvas, 48″x36″

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Field of Hope

oil/encaustic on canvas, 48″x24″

I just finished this painting. So far I have to say it was very therapeutic, like gardening used to be for me… It almost felt like automatic painting, very meditative.  Great to put all your emotions on one canvas while in a trance…

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“Siren 2”

Paper-clay (coiled, fired- cone 6), painted with acrylics

25″x15″x9″.  27 Ib

You can see Siren 2 in Lakewood Cultural Center

North Gallery

May 28 – August 22, 2010

Capturing the Spirit. Juried Sculpture Exhibit
Free Reception: Friday, June 11, 2010, 5 – 7 pm

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24″x24″, encaustic on plywood

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24″x24″, encaustic on plywood

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Flowering Quince and Spring Peepers

Flowering Quince and Spring Peepers

pen and watercolor, by Dominika Smolinski

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